We are pleased to announce that we can finally offer an upgrade for the TF-20W TideFinder.

If your TideFinder is currently running version 2.23 or 2.13, your TideFinder should work with the new version (2.50) . If you are using an older version, please call for more information. You can find your software version by :

1. Turning the Tidefinder on.

2. Press the 'SET' key (lower left key)

3. Press the 'HIGH' key (lower right)

The display will show the current version of the software.

We stopped manufacturing the TideFinder about 6 years ago because competition from software running on lap top computers made selling the TF-20 unviable. We have since heard from many customers that the TideFinder is the most used device on their boats ...which persuaded us to find a way of updating the software even though the development tools are no longer available.

We still have most parts available to repair broken units except for the front panel keyboard. If there is a problem with the keyboard, we don't have a fix at this time.

The upgrade price for the TF-20W is $65,00 + shipping. Version 2.50 will operate thru the year 2022.

Please call 360-734-4323 or email sales@conex-electro.com to receive a return authorization number before returning your unit.

Attention TideFinder (TF20) Owners